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Mateusz Mazurczak22:06:26

Hi, I'm using

(dr/initialize! APP)

(history/install-route-history! APP (html5-history))

(routing/route-to! APP Categories {:category/id "project"})
in my init function The Categories component have just regular:
:route-segment ["categories" :category/id]
But I have a problem related to URI with it: The link has query parameters (e.g. instead clean /categories/project it is /categories/project?_rp_=WyJeICIsIn46Y2F0ZWdvcnkvaWQiLCJwcm9qZWN0Il0%3D& Is there a way to use route-to! without those parameters?


The route parameters encode the full state of parameters and controls. If you use rad routing, you will get them


If you don't install history support, then you won't. You can't have real history without them

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But you could also design your own history. It is protocol based, so implement your own if you want