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nvd-clojure - security checker - Maintenance release upgrading DependencyCheck, which helps zapping false positives.

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Oh that reminds me, I totally forgot to mention this hereโ€ฆ we made an nvd-clojure github action that you can โ€œjustโ€ drop into your repo to report dependency check issues. It currently reports any discovered security vulnerabilities in your dependencies as issues on the repo:

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SCI v0.3.30 (the 30th release!) Clojure/Script interpreter used in projects like #babashka, #jet, #clj-kondo, #4clojure, #clerk, #joyride, #nbb, #scittle etc. This release brings improvements in sci.async (async eval for CLJS), defrecord and adds some new API functions and types. Channel: #sci

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Ivar Refsdal12:06:24

I'm pleased to announce, a Datomic library for handling duplicate transactions more easily.

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