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xl2edn by @kbosompem (feel free to tell more about it here @kbosompem)

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Thanks @U04V15CAJ ! Excel is super warty so simple spreadsheets without weird links or merged cells. Will setup a repo for it if it is any good.


Please do! Exciting stuff, could lead to more

Bob B19:06:37

Is there anywhere to get babashka (or more generally, the borkdude empire) swag? I'd sort of like a t-shirt with the babashka logo

Darin Douglass19:06:57

i’d buy one 🙂


Hey @U0ETXRFEW , any advice here? :) @U013JFLRFS8 @U02EA2T7FEH I was thinking it'd be cool to have the bb logo on the front and the nbb logo on the back...


@U013JFLRFS8 I can surely send you some stickers for free, if you'd DM your address

Darin Douglass19:06:08

> nbb logo on the back ya that’d be neat!

Bob B19:06:28

I was wondering... I don't want to put work on your plate borkdude, but curious if you'd thought about something like Clojure's merch thing ( - I don't know how much work is involved, but superficially, it looks like you could throw some of the logo SVGs up there and people can get stickers/shirts/hats/whatever made (and I think you get a royalty, so it'd be another form of support)


I'll look into it

Bob B19:06:39

I figure it'd also save you the hassle of dealing with international shipping for a few stickers 🙂


hmm yeah, good point :)


Zazzle looks interesting. I'm using Amazon Merch for Calva t-shirts, but can't say I recommend it much. Ux from hell both for the merchant and for the customers.


I'm trying to validate my e-mail with zazzle but so far I got nothing in inbox or spam


I discovered I had an account there since 2012, which might have saved me from that bug.


I'll wait until later today


Something like this? ;-)

Bob B23:06:59

ordered some shirts and stickers - thanks borkdude


@U013JFLRFS8 cool - I only see some t-shirts sold on the site though.


But I've seen it before that this site has an eventual consistency delay ;)