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Adam Helins06:06:35

It's been a long while since any last Clojure meetup. Shall we be so bold as to revive it?


I'm here for it

Adam Helins09:06:26

A proper meetup might be a bit ambitious Frankly, I'd be already happy with getting a drink and talking Lisp, as a starter 😄


where are you?

Adam Helins12:06:12

In Ottignies (near Louvain la Neuve). Decent access to Brussels and Leuven.

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Thomas Moerman11:09:02

I live in Overijse

Adam Helins14:09:57

Ah! One more contender for an eventual Belgian rally of Clojurists? That would make 3 of us 😄


I live Huldenberg ... we're pretty much neighbours!

Adam Helins13:06:06

Cool, sounds promising for a vegan rally of Belgian Clojurists. Niche of niche.


niches can always get smaller 🙂 but maybe we can allow all foods and drinks to open it up a little