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Gotcha. Added that, recompiled, does not seemed to have helped.


I made a small demo project to reproduce the problem… and it works! 🫣


I’ll publish it as a guide to help other people with the same issue, and now I can compare back to my broken project and figure out what’s different.


Two things: 1) It looks like my error was not including the -c flag when starting Krell (should be clj -M -m krell.main -co build.edn -c -r). I don’t totally understand why the core.js that was being generated from core.cljs was changing but not enough. 2) I’m not positive why the path works the way it does (for project/src/js_component_test/core.cljs and project/js/Test.js, what works is (js/require "../js/stories/Test.js") when what you would expect would be ../../)


The answer to both 1) and 2) is that Krell puts the require into a file called target/krell_npm_deps.js