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Hello, I'm Andrey. I'm Clojure developer, my CV (and actually github with some of my projects) is here And I'm looking for a "proxy-guy-service" 🙂 What do I mean? I'm Russian, and have no relocation plans. I applied on remote vacancies several times and in a lot of cases that fact was the reason of failure, with all the consequencies – impossibility or complexity of bank transfers, etc. So I decided to try this proxy solution. I propose several plans: • Basic. You do not even need to know Clojure, just to be a contract-keeper and have an ability to transfer money to Russia once a month. Compensation - 10% of contract amount. • Pro. You make all the collaborations and all that nobody needed agile meetings & calls with employer, and translate all the decisions you made in a technical task for me. I do all the job, write the code, and you have it as a result of work. Compensation - 50% of contract amount. • Custom. Propose & discuss your own variant. All who are interested in this collaboration, feel free to write me DM here. PS: every joke is actually only a partually joke.


Hi, @U0A6H3MFT, I'm sorry to hear your suffering as a result of the war. Bill and Wise both appear to have turned off transfers to Russia. Do you know of any ways to make a 🇷🇺 payment? •


I'm not sure I'll be able to help.


@U06FTAZV3 thanks anyway, I see that you got my point. I had no chance to check the ability of transfers, cause most of them seems to be blocked even on sender side, although some our banks are not under sanctions. And yes, I mean $ & euro, not yuans. There is such thing as crypto currency but also it have to be checked. And the situation may change every time.


If there's anything you want me to check using a British internet connection, please feel free to ask. Other than that, I’m not sure how I can help. Always happy to talk Physics, if that's any comfort.


Thanks for your kind relation! Not sure about Physics (at least for now) but I may suggest you to talk & discuss some Clojure-related topics I made short videos on;list=PLvEhqHVS-lc8FiHDUXSVnk-mbmyUtBbYV Of course, if you are interested in it

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Kelvin Nyambe18:05:48

A joke is a very serious thing bratan moi)))

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Tash Laybourne15:05:48

Hey everyone! I'm working with Nubank who are looking for Senior and Lead SWEs to join their Streaming Infrastructure Team. Nubank have over 50 million customers worldwide and provide fair and transparent banking services. The role is fully remote but their data teams are based in Germany so have to be Germany-based or looking to relocate (sponsorship available) 🌎 Experience working in Clojure, Scala, or Java is key, as well as experience working with any data-related technologies (e.g. Apache Flink or Spark) Drop me an email (<mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>) if you're interested in the role and want more details. Or send me a message me on here 🙂 thanks a lot! Job details:

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The NuBank team is filled with loads of the old Cognitect team, so a top notch bunch. Shame it’s country-specific rather than based on timezone overlap… is a gig fully remote if you have to be in a specific country? 🙊


Tash, that’s very tempting indeed 🙈

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@U01ALKG50N9 is Nubank in any way aiming to improve sustainability? e.g. like an ethical bank (e.g. Tomorrow Bank)?

Tash Laybourne08:06:31

Hey @U06FTAZV3, due to banking regulations Nubank are unfortunately only able to hire in Germany, which I know is super frustrating! However, if you are in Germany, the role requires no time in the office, hence the fully remote tag 🙂


Thanks for providing the additional info, @U01ALKG50N9. I'll know what you mean by “fully” next time.