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does the pull many api support sorting? i'm not seeing it in the pull pattern grammar but just wanted to double check


No. As far as i know the reason for this is that sorting in the db isnt more efficient (at least when using peer)


Yea it's more of a syntactic cleanliness issue for me. Would rather pack as much “logic” into the db queries as possible


Well, your app “is” the database when using datomic. Its doing the query-logic itself etc too. But i know the feeling 😅 have been searching for ways to support sorting / pagination in the past too


any way to enforce a character limit on a text field in datomic.


Attribute predicate


is it possible to add a predicate to an attribute after it's been installed


i see it is yeah


how does datomic find the classes for things like attribute predicates? I installed a predicate but it says it can't find my namespace.


Attribute predicates must be on the classpath of a process that is performing a transaction. Does that mean it needs to be in the transactor ?


You set an env var


i was looking for a quick way to stop a user from inputting like 20k characters into my API and then storing it in datomic. It seems that i'll have to rethink deployments and source code going this route. I'll just more tightly control the HTTP API. This is definitely interesting, but was not expecting to ever have to touch the transactor's container after starting it.

Linus Ericsson02:05:13

These checks should most likely be done in the peer-process, not the transactor. Also you can transact DB functions to the transactor if they are just using standard clojure/java.


i can't seem to make it work on either


is it possible to use an installed function as a predicate ?