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curious if anyone has seen issues with WSL hanging after resume from suspend...not immediately after, but something like the next interaction that requires interop/9pfs will cause the session to hang indefinitely


e.g., after resume I can use an old WSL terminal session 'normally' but as soon as I run ls /mnt it will hang or a VS Code remote session will work fine for a while until it presumably does something that expands PATH and hits a /mnt/c path and hangs.


I haven't seen that -- and I regularly sleep and restart my laptop with WSL sessions running, and run commands that touch /mnt/c. What version of Windows and what version of WSL are you running @U015879P2F8?


currently 11 preview build 22621 and WSL2 version


although it's been an issue for at least a few months and rolling back to various release channels


Hmm, don't know what to suggest -- I've not seen that problem (and I definitely would have done with my workflow, based on your description).


Right now I'm on Win11 build 25120... I'd have to go look up my WSL version...

seancorfield04:05:31 apparently


there's a decent chance it's something Pro X/arm64-specific


and I'm just doomed to want to throw this thing out a window a few times a day


Ah... possibly... I'm on Intel (Microsoft Surface Laptop 3)


about to try disabling interop and running vscode from linux for a while to at least confirm what I think is causing it


Interesting: It seems Windows is now also investing heavily in aarch64 tooling


It's definitely gotten/getting better, but it doesn't feel like MS take aarch64 half as seriously as Apple despite shipping MS branded Windows on ARM hardware for years longer.


Windows server on graviton 3 able to run win-x86/x64/aarch64 and linux-aarch64 software seems like a winner of a product to me.


With WSL2 linux-aarch64 should be possible right? I'm seeing lots of tweets and retweets from unixterminal on the Build conference and it's a lot of aarch64 being mentioned


Yeah I've been using a surface pro x (win-aarch64) as my main machine for a couple years. I do most of my clojure stuff on the wsl2 linux-aarch64 side.