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Is anyone aware of any programme that, when run, will give me a single line command prompt, running my preferred shell, into which I can enter a command, which then quits as soon as the command is run. Essentially I'm talking about an app launcher.


Like osx launcher?


In which os? If Linux there's dmenu


@U7S5E44DB Simpler than osx launcher. On Linux: I use dmenu currently with dwm. It works great, but sometimes I want to run a command that takes a path, and currently I have to type out that path without making any mistakes and I can't just hit tab to autocomplete, so I end up running a terminal just for that one command

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Rofi maybe


I forgot I used that over dmenu when I was on Linux

solf10:05:18 seems like it might have what you want


@U7S5E44DB Thanks, I'll give it a go


The author of that issue referenced gmrun, which is much closer to what I was after, and the author of gmrun has written a bunch of other useful tools as well:


Happy you found what you were looking for


I'll keep that in mind for when I switch back to Linux


thanks for getting me there 🙂


I like to make some analytics on our crypto coin. The data input is from an external api (polygonscan). My first idea is that I make a datomic cloud app and put everything into datomic. What are the kinds of things and technology choices you would think about?

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Ben Sless19:05:08

Ingestion rate Query rate Nature of the data (time series? Something else) Are updates chronologically ordered? Can you get an update regarding an event in the past?

Ben Sless19:05:33

I would consider a time series database such as druid or clickhouse besides datomic if the data is a time series and guaranteed to have strict ordering


Nice i check. The kinds of questions i would like to answer would be for example 'for the addresses with the most token income, to which other addresses do they transfer?'

Ben Sless19:05:46

How often to you want to ask those questions? How fresh does the data need to be?


Only on the order of daily, freshness hourly is enough