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Hi there, thanks for making Krell! trying to troubleshoot my setup where the clj -m krell.main -co build.edn -c -r command is "Waiting for device connection on port 5001", and the app is loaded on my phone and saying "Waiting for Krell to load files". Any tips on where to look to troubleshoot? I'm using android on device and running everything from WSL2.


I don't know about Krell, but when using shadow-cljs in WSL2 I always have to do port forwarding. The device and Win communicate in a network A, while Win and Linux in a net B. Here's what I usually do in powershell ( Also when running shadow I have to specify the IP (

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oh, I am seeing this error in metro bundler log, I've opened that port in the firewall and it seems to be accessible

[Tue Dec 15 2020 19:27:51.354]  LOG      An error occurred with client socket: failed to connect to / (port 5001) from /:: (port 41967): connect failed: ETIMEDOUT (Connection timed out)

Michaël Salihi10:12:52

How you configured your firewall for the port 5001? TCP or UDP?


tcp only, should it be udp?