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clj-test-containers 0.4.0 was released! * Clojars: * Changelog: * Documentation: The Testcontainers version was updated to the latest one, optimizations were made to copying resources to the containers, and a new function perform-cleanup! was introduced, which cleans up all resources which were created in a REPL session and could not be cleaned by the default mechanism. If you want to get a little more detail on the library, this week a session on the topic was uploaded on YouTube:

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[com.wsscode/pathom "2.3.0"] is out! About this release: - If you didn't check in a while, defresolver is now smarter and can infer inputs and (some) outputs automatically, check the docstring for details - Removing alpha state from the library given it's been running without issues for a while, and API is not going to change - I expect this to be the latest feature release of Pathom, from now on its on maintenance mode and its likely to only get bug fixes from now on - reader3 is marked as experimental and its discontinued in Pathom 2, for the evolution of this use Pathom 3 Detailed changelog at:

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