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That is surprising. Did we break that? What's your invocation?


actually I wonder if it makes a difference that I'm using the plugin in a local simple test project with :local/rootinstead of the package from clojars


but I think that should be the same right? Anyway I'll try a few more things just in case there is another problem


yeah that should be the same. bin/kaocha --plugin your-plugin --help should show the help including the plugin options


ah no nvm was just being dumb and used cli-config instead of cli-options


works fine now


ok anyway @plexus now it's more configurable and there is some docs can still be improved but maybe it's good enough to be "publicized" in case other people want to use it, what do you think?


yeah, it's really your call, if you're happy with the result then go for it, maybe put it in #announcements? I'm also happy to do a shout out on Twitter


Hi, I have the cloverage plugin enabled in the tests.edn file. My colleagues are not facing any issues, however on my laptop the instrumentation step is really slow. So when running --focussed tests I need a way to disable the cloverage plugin. I don't see any obvious commandline flag like --no-cloverage 🙂 Is there a way to disable cloverage plugin from the commandline?


doesn't look like we have a flag for that, instead of baking a flag like this into every plugin we should instead have a --disable-plugin flag or something... you do have some options. For example cp tests.edn my-tests.edn ; bin/kaocha --config-file my-tests.edn


or use profiles


I probably wouldn't hard code the cloverage plugin myself, it's more something for CI or for running manually when you really want to examine the coverage


What I think would also be really useful is a --config flag which takes an EDN form that gets meta merged in, this gives you a lot of flexibility, e.g. bin/kaocha --config '{:plugins ^:replace [...]}', but... that doesn't exist yet


I am not too keen on copying the config file, would have to maintain the copy whenever folks change the original. I could switch the plugin from being always on, to enabled explicitly via command-line, though I would prefer that as the last option (given that others are not having an issue, wouldn't want to disrupt their flows). How would I use profiles to selectively disable a plugin?