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Several folks asked questions about Reveal in tonight's talk: quite a few people hadn't seen it before and seemed impressed with what I showed off (table view, inline browsing of documentation for Java classes and Clojure functions).

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Awesome, I wish I could join it! I'll attend January talk that better suits my time zone


Did this talk happen to be recorded?


@U5JQAQE4X Yes, but I'm giving the same talk/demo to the London group on January 12th and I asked the Provo group to hold back the recording until after that group.

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(and I showed sorting of map keys in table view @genekim 🙂 )

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So great! I can’t wait to watch the video — because I loved watching your video where you fixed a big in memoize, and totally blew me away showing REBL.


Provo have agreed not to post it until after the London talk, January 12th. We ended up running over 2 1/2 hours.


As much as I'll be interested to see how REBL continues to evolve, the ability to customize Reveal so extensively is a huge win, in my book.


I was showing Ring request maps mostly which can be big and gnarly.


(I forgot to show the new multiple result panel feature, drat! I'll try to remember when I do this talk again in January!)


@vlaaad is it hard to make the table views also support the nav protocol? currently I can nav from the map, but not from the table view


Good question. I think it’s possible, but not in a general way, since nav’s dimension is 2xN (k + v by N items in a coll), and table is MxN (any number of columns per N items in a col).


In some cases it should be possible though, I’ll add it to my todo list for exploring

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