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Hi, I was just going through the wiki reagent-tutorial for krell and in the Hot Reloading section after causing a warning and compiler exception it says: > You should see a warning in the running React application. I'm guessing this should show up in the running application (in my case the android emulator)? I only see the warning in my terminal where Metro is running, and I only see the compiler exception in the krell repl. Is there something I need to do to make warnings and compiler exceptions show up in the emulator? As of right now, there's no indication in the app that anything is wrong, it just shows the last successfully loaded state.


compiler exception don't show in the emulator/device at the moment, could add that - but haven't really found that useful


but I'm on a larger screen ...


Awesome, thanks. Also, congrats on the Cognitect/Nubank sponsorship!

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thanks, was actually already sponsored by Cognitect some time ago, but super excited to see that extended to many other people that make life easier when using Clojure(Script)

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