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Anyone doing some fulcro+react native?


@patrickcms yes, there are a few of us. I recommend using as a starting point. It’s for Expo, but if you can’t use Expo for some reason, I think @thheller said it should be easy to adapt for pure RN.


I'd like to ask what are you using for routing pages, as fulcro's routing doesn't provide native animations and gestures


So far, I’ve been using Fulcro’s new routing and adding my own gesture handlers (easy to do with Expo). But we don’t get the animations and some other things (like the stack navigator). I’ve actually just started looking into integrating Fulcro with react-navigation. I’ll post (probably in the Fulcro channel) if I get something working.

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Alright, thats exactly what I'm trying at the moment Using react-navigation's own state manager is returning a lot of delay in switching pages and lots of workarounds


I'm following its tutorial, and just can't set a title to the stack navigator I've tryied

(def ui-home (doto (fp/factory Home)
               (gobj/set "navigationOptions" #js {:title "Home's Title"})))
and it manages to get through the javascript component/class, but still doesn't work


Maybe I'll just fultro router + rn animated api