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folks, anyone using native-base in combination with react-navigation? I’m having difficulties placing search bar in the application header - it shows up inside the main content instead


probably because I’m using tab bar controller → navigation controller → content controller setup


figured it out: header must be disabled in navigationOptions to make this work


@ajdouglass No. I was able to get it working up to Expo 30, but there were changes in the React Native tooling that prevents it from working with newer versions. Last time I checked, re-natal had the same problems. I switched to shadow-cljs and not only is it working with Expo 32, but the whole dev experience is much better IMO. You can try out this template, it worked well for me.


That one is for Fulcro - I believe there’s one for Reagent/re-frame in thheller’s repos as well, if that’s what you prefer.

Alan Douglass23:03:41

I was getting to the point of deciding that the problem involved externs and munging and a lot of unknown magic, and ended up reading about shadow (though I don’t think I could explain it yet)

Alan Douglass23:03:52

Thanks for the pointer, I’ll take a look at those