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Brian Abbott20:03:51

Frustration friday.... 😞 I have a question...

Brian Abbott20:03:19

So... I am using the Re-Agent framework - I guess thats implied by the channel... I am getting these errors all over - completely inundating the normaly useful web-deb console.... "Every element in a seq should have a unique KEY ([:div.flex-row {:style {:opacity 1}} [:span {:style {:flex-shrink 0, :color "#fff...."

Brian Abbott20:03:52

I have been able to fix four or five of them but... then some are TOTALLY PERSISTENT and WILL NOT DIE!

Brian Abbott20:03:44

I guess... I get the error, I get the solution... is there a way to easily determine or identify which element within the set of child elements needs a ^{ key VAL } meta tag?

Brian Abbott20:03:06

Any help would be oh so very greatly appreciated


Anywhere you are calling a function to generate a list, you need :key


Uh, a list of children that is

Brian Abbott21:03:01

okay - thank you!