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Mario C.16:03:10

Yesterday I was able to use , g d to jump to the definition of a function without a problem but today when I tried running the command a mini buffer is asking to enter a Symbol. What gives? How do I go back to the previous behavior?

Mario C.16:03:24

Also is there any shortcut to go back to where you jumped from? Say I ran a successful , g d and jumped to the definition and now I want to go back to where I jumped from. I know you can set a mark before jumping and then use <backtick><mark>


I think , g b ("go back") works for this as well.



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Mario C.16:03:46

gnarly it works now.

Mario C.16:03:08

The only thing I did as a hail mary was load current namespace into the repl.

Mario C.19:03:22

Is it possible to highlight a region then search that buffer for other instances of the highlighted region?


# if you need backwards search


SPC tha turns auto symbol highlight

Mario C.19:03:53

wow thats beautiful! Thanks! Ive been looking for this functionality


(with-eval-after-load 'auto-highlight-symbol
Add that to your config if you want it to be enabled by default

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I missed out on the magit/transient talks, is there a simple keybinding script I can add to get the evil bindings for the transient mode


afaik Spacemacs in develop branch almost fully supports transient. evil-magit project added support for it as well


anything in particular you have a problem with?


I sitll have to use C-g to exit, q doesn't seem to work


(define-key transient-map "q" #'transient-quit-all)