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quick question - when jumping to definition M-. is there a way to avoid being prompted for a symbol? Even when there is a matching definition, I still get a prompt for a symbol where the default is set to the symbol at point, requiring me to press enter every time I try to jump to a definition.


I know it’s trivial - but having to prss enter to confirm the default every single time is annoying


possible - but the behavior I get is that the minibuffer displays Symbol: (default "symbolatpoint")


so all i have to do is press enter - in the example above it looks like they were getting no default


connection dropped so those sentences are out of order - first one should be last


I would expect that M-. would just take you to the symbol at point if there is one, and ask if not. Instead, it asks every time (but pre-fills with the symbol at point as default so I only have to press enter immediately after M-.)


looks like C-u M-. does what I want…


That's more keys! 😀


You can (setq cider-prompt-for-symbol nil)


Then the C-u behaviour is reversed

Per Weijnitz15:03:57

Is there a Cider function to interrupt a long running eval and have it start the debugger at the currently running point in the program where the interrupt occured? cider-interrupt alone does not seem to have this function.

Robert Nikander16:03:21

I see that you can write a macro with {:style/ident ...} metadata to control indentation. But how do you association an indentation spec with a macro that wasn't written with one originally? For example, clojure.algo.monads/domonad.


add-custom-clojure-indents in clojure-mode

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Robert Nikander16:03:49

I looks like it doesn't understand namespaces, but it's better than nothing.