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my pinky is starting to hurt! No! The last week or so. I've had Caps Lock mapped to Control for the longest time. Anyone else still experience it with that? I'm debating switching back to vim keybindings but not sure if I just need to build up the pinky stamina now that I'm coding a lot more. Any tips I should try. I'm thinking maybe I should try and use the right control button more but never liked that.


How do you physically type? Are the wrists resting over some surface as you type? Do you stretch your fingers in order to reach some keys?


my hands sit too high on my current desk. i'm switching to a different room in this airbnb house tomorrow though with a much better desk.


my big fear is people mentioning they never got rid of their pinky pain. are emacs keybindings really worth this kind of hassle? seems silly when i step back and look at it when vim bindings are sitting right there.


I had emacs pinky around 2012, quite quickly got rid of it by avoiding typing in a static (wrists-over-surface) and stretchy (stetch finger instead of moving whole hand/arm) way Also I use a 'traditional' style of keybindings, no emacs, no vim


Is this with a laptop or keyboard? I have an ergonomic keyboard at work with the same setup and at home a couple laptops that have pretty good triggering of the caps lock key and don't have these issues


I can definitely see how over-extension of the pinky can cause stress at the wrists though, I've gotten that when pinkying ctrl on windows


usually a bluetooth external keyboard for the laptop.


nice logitech one. i haven't had any problems but been using that C- a lot lately


some of those are overkill i think, I can use most keyboards without issue, as long as they don't have a hard or too long a travel


I'll check these out. I'm living quite nomadically so need something that travels well. and i'm broke. lol


do you use the right control key regularly?


no, almost never


it's always felt in a weird spot


i'm debating switching my alt keys to control keys. I've seen that suggested before. Then I could use my thumbs more. I'm not terribly opposed to going back to vim bindings though. i just think my brain prefers non modal editing


anyone use God Mode?


Building muscle-memory for Vim-motions is absolutely worth doing. It has only one drawback: if you lose a hand - you’ll suffer, but all things considered that probably would be the least of your worries.


i actually started with vim. i liked it just felt like the modal part never quite clicked. i would still find myself in the wrong mode without realizing it.


the more I think about it, I'm a writer first and foremost, so this little pinky scare has me worried. i do a lot of typing every day so don't want to risk that.


However learning Vim, for the sake of saving yourself from RSI - probably wrong. What you need is: correct posture, correct setup, good keyboard (Kinesis Advantage is my choice), maybe a keyboard tray, adjustable standing desk


can't argue with that.


And never forget: Emacs can Vim better that Vim itself.


i'm coincidentally moving to a better desk this weekend


and… something people rarely consider. Exercise your back. RSI most of the time is a result of a weak body core - lower, upper back, abdomen muscles etc. Going to a gym and learning how to properly do deadlifts will keep you alive. Trust me. I learned that hard way. I had such a bad RSI that I couldn’t sleep at night without wearing gloves


yeah i keep myself decently fit.


ergonomic changes are first priority


I'm going to find it funny if I end up going back to Spacemacs, the catalyst that got me into emacs, lisp, and then trying clojure of all things.


Seconded the gym recommendation, so good to have a strong grip, back, etc


i'm already lifting, swimming, and doing jiu jitsu, people! hahaha


but outside of that i think i've been spending way too much time sitting at a desk setup with bad ergos


thanks for the advice folks!


Have you tried "palming" the right control key? Depending on the keyboard it can be surprisingly comfortable after getting used to


Personally I don't recommend it, IMO it's a sign that you type in an overly static position (palms/wrists stuck to your laptop/table) i.e. instead of palming, or stretching your pinky to reach Ctrl, lift your hand, move it to one side, and use your index or thumb to hit it


I second @vemv. I do it to reach enter. otherwise you'll be twisting your wrist or extending your fingers to get to a key, and that isn't good


Interesting, if you have a cloned folder in your path and add it with magit, it adds a submodule.