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How can I use CSS from a CLJSJS package? I am using the JavaScript from and (per the link above) I can verify that the *.css files are present in the jar... BUT they do not land next to the Javascript (in resources/public/dev/cljsjs/react-datepicker/development/ )???? For extra credit.. why isn't the upstream SASS part of the CLJSJS jar (my project uses SASS)


@tmarble, and SASS: each file needs to be included in packaging script


ugh... that's brutal.. I have to extract them myself from the jar?


thx for the pointer!


For SASS files, you could update Cljsjs packaging script or use [org.webjars.npm/react-datepicker "1.5.0"] just for SASS files (sass4clj can import files from cljsjs and webjars)


It turns out that I can use ring-cljsjs to serve non-JS artifacts from CLJSJS jars (and I think that's a better solution than vendoring upstream SASS)... Thanks again for the pointer