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is there a way to get a setup where have two splits: a left split with clojure code, that you can eval and have the output show up in the right split?


when I eval stuff with Fireplace it only shows up in the status bar and I don’t find that all to useful πŸ˜•


you might find useful

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it gives you a more convenient way to use :terminal buffers, including bindings for sending input to the terminal buffer. apparently there is support for REPLs, although i don't see clojure in the list, so it might take a bit of finagling to get working fully


I think justin has a version of this too


I haven't tried it, but I love his other plugins. Also author of neovim gets points just for that πŸ™‚


I'm a bit pedantic about these things, but in Vim, if you have a list of ":require's", is there a way to sort the list? (like in Java, where the "imports" can be sorted)


@dharrigan if you're using rust-parinfer, then :sort works quite well.


@dharrigan otherwise, you're going to want to use nvim-refactor.nvim's clean-ns functionality.


while we're on the subject of pedantic formatting of ns requires: i use clj-refactor.nvim's "clean ns" binding all of the time and quite enjoy it, but i always find myself adjusting the vertical alignment after i use it. for example, i would adjust this:

[ :as fbb]
[some-longer-thing :as slt]
to be like this:
[       :as fbb]
[some-longer-thing :as slt]
does anyone else do this? seems like something i could contribute to clj-refactor, at least as an option that's disabled by default


I hate vertical alignment. πŸ˜„ We wrote a regex at some point to destroy it after intellij ruined all the code.

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ha! go figure πŸ˜›


i too hate it sometimes. i think it can be taken too far


but when you have a long list of ns requires, i find it quite helpful. then again, i can be very pedantic about stuff like this in general πŸ™‚


maybe you could use a mapping that runs clean ns for you then aligns it with something like


oh, nice. i like that idea. solving the real problem


I also really don’t like alignment, it always messes up diffs and makes tiny changes look huge


and everybody has a different idea about how to align things

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same. it looks kinda pretty but it's annoying to maintain and about impossible to keep consistent within a codebase