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Bobbi Towers16:10:59

After listening to this interview with Elana Hashman on packaging Leiningen, I've contacted her about creating a clojure Debian package. She's already put together an ITP (Intent To Package) here: and invited me to take a stab! Mac users can brew install clojure. Why? Because that's the platform Alex Miller uses, as he plainly states in his "Dependency Heaven" talk. In light of recent discussions surrounding the contribution process to the Clojure language itself (and its documentation, etc.), I'm starting to re-evaluate the kind of stuff I'm spending my time on for stuff like this challenge. Meaning, I might as well be using my efforts while learning Clojure to make the language easier to learn and use. Just look at all the work to be done just on the Clojure website:


I just listend to the same podcast, was really interesting. Big thanks to all that have put the work in.