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Anyone else experiencing isssues with Cider? I somehow managed to destroy my config, reinstalled Cider and then when I try to jack-in-cljs It is stuck on "Pending".


Seems like SpaceMacs by default takes it packages from Melpa, maybe it would be better for me to use Melpa-Stable in order to not get surprises like this? 🙂


@jarvinenemil I’m on latest spacemacs develop and latest cider from melpa and don’t have such issues


@kommen This is no longer an issue, I am unsure why it happened to begin with though. Might have been me updating a package which got it working again.


Should we be using the develop branch over master though? Seems like they’re taking a while to merge updates into master.


@dijonkitchen I guess it depends on your usecase, which layers and which package repository you use


if everything works for you with master, then you’re all good. but bug fixes haven’t been merged from develop to master for a few month now, so i think it is fair to say, if you need things fixed (e.g compatibility with some new package version), you’re better off with the develop branch.


note though, while i try to contribute things back to spacemacs, I’m not speaking for the maintainers. they may have a different point of view. there has been some discussion about this recently here


ah, I just see you already commented there 🙂

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Thanks, just curious if there’s any pitfalls I should avoid with Clojure development in general. I’m working fine off of master so far.


I don’t remember why exactly I switched to the develop branch


I don’t know of any pitfalls for clojure development in particular with master, but I’ve used develop since over a year now without any major issues

Andrea Imparato22:10:15

I don't remember exactly what wasn't working with master but something was definitely broken. never had an issue with develop instead 👍


@dijonkitchen for Clojure development, I strongly encourage the use of develop branch of Spacemacs until master is updated to version 0.300 (its still 0.200 at the moment). One of the biggest changes has been to make loading of the Said debugger optional (off by default) when starting a REPL. Sayid is a fantastic debugger, but if you are not using it then it does use more resources. There are a lot of little usability fixes that are not yet in master for the Clojure layer. I've used develop for over a year and its what I'm basing my Spacemacs book on


Thanks, I’ve looked through your guide. I’ll have to check it out. My gut just doesn’t trust development branches over master and making exceptions are no fun!


@dijonkitchen I had the same concerns when I first started, but now there is such a difference between master and develop branches at the moment that my first advice for anyone having problems with Spacemacs is to upgrade to develop branch.