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@dnolen Regarding the logging of lots of file copies for Natal/Ambly, it looks like with GDCWebServer, even the unix touch command doesn’t set a file’s modified timestamp across that WebDAV mount. That appears to be the actual root cause. I’m going to see if I can get Ambly/GCDWebServer to somehow support .setLastModified


@mfikes hrm right so always copying, the old logic worked because the file on the device would be more recent


@dnolen: Since the .setLastModified logic is probably easy to reason about, perhaps I can hack something to just make Ambly work with it. (WebDAV may not even support it generically, but it may be possible to have some scheme where clients like Ambly can provide custom logic via a dynamically bound fn to do “set last modified” in a way that works for them—Ambly could use the REPL connection to ferry across a massage and the native side could revise the file on the device to set its modified timestamp.) Anyway, nothing’s truly broken right now, worth taking time to find a decent solution.