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@joshg: I think there was a protocol coerce-request-body but I can't find it anymore. I just implemented it in the process-request-body for now, I should probably have a look at PostResult.


I'll have a look at json upload. The upload has been totally rewritten since 1.0 because of async so it's likely it needs polishing. If you want, send me details of what you're trying to do and I'll ensure your case works. Either to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> or the yada-discuss list


All these things will get done soon, trouble is HTTP has a lot in it and it's hard to complete everything. Telling me where you see gaps is tremendously useful


Well it was just about a basic POST request with "application/json" header. Something like defmethod yada.request-body/process-request-body "application/json"