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Just pushed some new linters to master, among which :unexpected-recur which checks for recur in unexpected places, mostly relevant to non-tail usage of recur. Please take it for a spin and report issues pre-release:

clojure -Sdeps '{:deps {clj-kondo/clj-kondo {:git/url "" :git/sha "2dde61bead4b80d76bbaa505d08c643a5a27e2a8"}}}' -M -m clj-kondo.main --lint src:test

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Also wanted to mention: if there are any open issues you would like to see solved, you can upvote it with a thumbs up to bump the priority. This will signal that more than one person is interested in the issue being solved and this also enabled sorting the issues by priority.

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fwiw, i tend to filter by “PR welcome” and then try to make a good guess at what may be feasible for me 🙂


Sure, you can send PRs for whatever you fancy, regardless of priority


There might also be issues that are not labeled as PR welcome, if you're interested just leave a message


i’d gotten the impression that the ones labelled “PR welcome” are relatively easy to start on b/c usually most of the required info is already discussed in the issue


that is true


it's best to discuss first with other issues to save yourself some work


but i’ll make sure to look around, and also create that test.check issue we talked about in the thread above.. just a bit pressed for time atm


yes, that makes sense. and even if nobody starts implementing right away there’s plenty of information if anybody else really wants that feature now and would like to pick it up. i really like the workflow

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