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Curious from people's experience if they find that hiring managers find Clojure as a plus factor, or if mostly they think "who cares, we use (insert language here) at this shop" when it is a non-Clojure job?


As a hiring manager, I will say that when we switched tech and started hiring for work that would involve Clojure, we saw a big improvement in the quality of candidates. I think Clojure is somewhat self-selecting for folks who are "above average" in various different (useful) ways.

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(I think this is true for any niche tech that is "hard" in various ways)


and I'm using "quotes" here because those are deliberately vague and hand-wavy terms


> I think this is true for any niche tech that is "hard" in various ways. I agree with this. It's worth remembering that even JAVA was rad once upon a time. One of the surest ways to lower the signal to noise ratio is to find a few hundred million dollars and allocate it to hyping the daylights out of your tech. Given the history of Lisps, I very much doubt that will happen for Clojure. But then again, Clojure-using companies are IPO-ing. I look forward to the future of global Lisp domination.


I started with Java in 1996 when I was a COBOL programmer.... Java was definitely rad (altho I don't think the word rad was!)

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It’s kinda a weird spot of a language, it doesn’t seem to have nearly as much hype as many other languages, but somehow it’s got higher usage numbers than haskell professionally? (SO numbers)


Anytime people tech talks about functional it always seems to be Haskell/F#, about JVM it seems to be kotlin lately, and lisps people think CL/Racket. This might be a good thing, I’ve had job interest because people were interested in a job working in a functional language/jvm/lisp, and not specifically clj.


Yes, based on that I don't really get why it's not more popular. They bless Kotlin because it's 'functional' and 'immutable by default' but in practice it's often a big mess. And the things you need to do to alter one nested immutable thing to get another. With Clojure things like updating nested maps, while ensuring immutability, are peanuts.