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I don't know what's the issue or how this issue popped up but I am getting:

; Syntax error reading source at (REPL:77:3).
; Unreadable form
Whenever I try to execute anything in my REPL which involves a defrecord. Only started happening after recent upgrade of the extension.

Marc O'Morain10:12:28

What type of project and REPL are you using? Are you using Jack In or connecting to a REPL in the project?

Marc O'Morain10:12:56

If you enable “calva diagnostic: toggle repl logging” (I can remember the exact command name), and have a look in the Calva Connection Logs, you might see some clues


What a strange error! I am also super curious about the nrepl message log. Maybe Calva sends the wrong form? If you select the form and use Evaluate Current form (or selection the selection will take precedence. Can you check it that works? If so, something is up with how Calva selects what the current form is. Which would be odd, because i don’t think we have updated anything around that lately…