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Is there a way to tell Reagent to not convert some data to a JS structure?


e.g., The below map would get converted to a JS object and the value for :raw-data would be the persistent map object, not a converted JS object.

{:option1  "a"
 :raw-data ^:skip {}}


IIRC if you pass the prop as a string key it skips it


could be misremembering


ah that is probably whether it converts it to kebab or camel case


A workaround was to wrap my data I want skipped in #js and pull it out later.


If it's for a React component, you should be able to use :r> introduced here: There's also related discussion here:


Oh, thank you! This looks highly relevant.

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Hey everyone ! I need a rich text editor component: nothing too fancy, must just support basic bold/underline/italic as well as links and {un,}ordered lists. Could anyone share some advice, library names (or even better: code) for a rich text editor? I'd like to stay away from Quill (due to some bugs it seems to exhibit) and I'm trying Draft.js with inspiration from but the ClojureScript I'm producing is very JavaScript-y (so hard to read/understand), already a bit complicated and I can't get it to do what I want …


To answer my own question – just in case someone else wonders – I am going with Draft.js (authors are from Facebook so that should be a token of seriousness). Also note that after loosing precious time, I realized there are much appreciated – unofficial? – plugins so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel .


I'm working on extending react-select to use custom components built with Reagent. In their "" section, they have this bit: > When defining replacement components, it is important to do soΒ outsideΒ the scope of rendering the Select. Defining a replacement component directly in the components prop can cause issues. With the following bad and good example:

// Bad: Inline declaration will cause remounting issues
const BadSelect = props => (
  <Select {...props} components={{
    Control: ({ children, }) => (
      <components.Control {}>
        πŸ‘Ž {children}

// Good: Custom component declared outside of the Select scope
const Control = props => ({ children, }) => (
  <components.Control {}>
    πŸ‘ {children}

const GoodSelect = props => <Select {...props} components={{ Control }} />
I'm not quite sure what the equivalent Reagent implementation of the above would be. Perhaps something like this?
(defn CustomControl
  [{:keys [children] :as props}]
  (into [:> (.-Option react-select/components) props] children))

[:> react-select/default {:components {:Control (r/reactify-component CustomControl)}}]


LGTM although I'm on mobile so might've missed something.


Nice. Thanks for the feedback.


Is there a version of r/reactify-component that will not coerce the props into a persistent map, and instead directly pass the object to my function?