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I'm trying to see some specs, but when I call cider-browser-spec I get "user-error: No linked CIDER sessions". I tried on 2 completely different projects, both with which Cider works fine. Does it ring any bell?


i'm assuming you've jacked in? can you evaluate other expressions just fine?


Yes, everything works fine.


Well, except for browsing specs.


When I do cider-jack-in and evaluate my first form my syntax highlighting changes. Expected behavior. So far so good. But sometimes this syntax highlighting changes back to way it was before during the session. I don't actually know what the key sequence is as it only happens sporadically. When inspecting cider-font-lock-dynamically it is still set to (macro core deprecated) . How do I go back to "normal" syntax highlighting without jacking in again? What are possible causes for this behavior?


looks like there's a M-x cider-refresh-dynamic-font-lock, does that help?


@UCPS050BV tried it but it didn't help