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Oliver George03:12:19

@vikeri Tell us all if you find it's fairly pain free process. I'm curious.


@olivergeorge My upgrade from 0.59.x to 0.61.x was all RN-related, not ClojureScript-related, with the exception of needing to patch figwheel-bridge.js with a one-line comment.

Oliver George06:12:43

Was your fix to comment out the Websocket line?


It was mostly fixing the Podfile with all of that new setup


@olivergeorge Agree with joshmiller that the majority of the problems were related to Android X and autolinking. But then I had to update my patch for the metro bundler to work with :advanced:

Oliver George23:12:01

That constant folding thing is annoying isn’t it. Funny that it can’t easily be removed by configuration.


Yeah very irritating


I will also finally have to upgrade reagent to 0.9 to support the latest React. Pretty amazing that I basically haven’t had to upgrade reagent and re-frame since the start in March 2016…


Awesome, good info.

👍 4

How are people doing requires nowadays? I was looking at :npm-deps but since we don’t have our node_modules folder in the same directory as our project.clj it didn’t work out of the box. Could fix that but I’m unsure how much value :npm-deps actually adds.


And by requires I mean requires of react


And I’m using re-natal setup FYI


I’ve just been doing re-natal use-component and then (js/require ...) in my cljs code.

Oliver George22:12:24

@drapanjanas Do you think it’s time for a new re-natal release?


Would highly appreciate re-natal supporting latest version of react native. Having to battle all these changes is frustrating.


Activity seems to have stagnated though on re-natal.


I only had problem with react so I installed it via cljsjs and that worked well.