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Filipe Silva09:12:51

I don't seem to get code intel anymore.... but I had it a few days ago

Filipe Silva09:12:43

but calva seems to be connected to the repl

Filipe Silva09:12:36

given this sample

Filipe Silva09:12:38

(defn abc "some docstring" [] 1)
(.log js/console (abc))

Filipe Silva09:12:48

mousing over abc does not show the docstring

Filipe Silva09:12:02

if I select (abc) and use the Eval current form to comment command, it will be correctly evaluated

Filipe Silva09:12:07

(defn abc "some docstring" [] 1)
(.log js/console (abc)
                 ;; => 1

Filipe Silva09:12:07

I'm not jacking in though, but rater I use Connect to running REPL followed by Load current file and dependencies


Do you have the nrepl dependencies in your project file or profile?


What I do when using Connect is to first do jack-in, then ctrl+c that and copy the command line. Then i start the repl manually using the jack-in command line. Jack-in mostly is about getting the dependencies right. Which could be more or less difficult, depending on the project setup.

Filipe Silva09:12:36

oh no, I had them in the other project but since this is a new project I forgot!

Filipe Silva09:12:57

I'm definitely getting a feeling of deja vu

Filipe Silva10:12:47

that indeed was the total of the mystery 😞


Makes me think Calva should check that it has its dependencies satisfied and tell you if it hasn't.

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Filipe Silva11:12:20

well it does say when it's not connected to a repl

Filipe Silva11:12:32

maybe the missing bit is saying it's connected to a repl but it doesn't have the deps?

Filipe Silva11:12:06

in the same box


Yes, I think there's an issue about that, even. I just haven't realized how important it is, until now.


Dear Calva-friends. I have a Paredit bug fixing PR that I need help with testing. It was supposed to be a small fix for when growing a selection would keep adding to its stack even when the selection couldn’t grow more. But it turned out I had created quite a mess in my frenzy with adding all those Paredit commands. I got a lot of help from @brandon.ringe to sort out what was the most messy and to see how to clean things up. Short story is that naming is important. Anyway, it got to be quite a big cleaning up and that’s why it would be nice with some help testing stuff: • Here is the PR: • Here is the VSIX (for your convenience): • Here are the docs that tells how things should work:

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A good thing with this bug hunt has been that it made me bring in unit testing. It will take some effort to reach any coverage. I will write something about the unit testing setup tomorrow and then you can help with adding a test now and then. 😃


There is also an integration testing setup added by @slack1038, that we will be able to use for some of the extension smoke testing that currently is all too ad hoc and manual.

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