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Hello, why out of the box displays "Not found. Missing index.html." in the browser? Is there any bug reported on this or do I miss some dependencies?


Looks like an error in the documentation. Add example.html after the trailing / in the URL.


it helped! thanks

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Thanks. I've updated the docs


I’m trying to work through using cofx to do async processing. Is the rationale: 1) Create a function data-process which takes [f queue chunk-size], where f can be mapped over (take queue chunk-size). 2) Create a reg-cofx with a custom keyword :data-process which takes a map with keywords :f :queue :chunk-size :on-chunk-success :on-chunk-failure :on-complete or something to that effect?


Are you talking about using effects perhaps? Because coeffects are supposed to just transform the context for event handlers and for coeffects next in the coeffect queue.


Perhaps? I’m trying to basically create a effect handler where I can send some queue of work, and then it fires an event once it’s done, but the results can be cached at a subscription level and the app itself doesn’t lock. Now according to the performance section I should ensure that each unit of work can be done in 16ms, but I want to just have a way of sending a big queue of work without having to worry about it.


Yeah, you also have to create an event handler that would schedule the next chunk.


So event that fires a next event sort of thing?