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Developer Economics Q4 2019 Survey could use some Clojure 🙂

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did it this morning but the only question where Clojure was on-topic was a "what lang do you use" type of thing where I had to supply it as Other, please specify. Disappointed

Piotr Roterski16:12:16

There’s also a fairly popular closing soon which has Clojurescript explicitly listed as one of js flavours.


Signup required to take a survey? Hard pass.


I wrote a tool to generate secret santa pairings: feedback welcome!

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ClojureVerse is momentarily down. The last discourse upgrade didn't complete correctly so I'm doing a manual upgrade and restart. We should be back shortly, thank you for your patience.

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and we're back

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Just published a new version of Atom editor's socket REPL package Chlorine. On this version, some changes on showing documentation on vars (it is now showing the spec information). It also organize things better so it'll be easier to integrate with orchard in the future. Discussions on #chlorine channel 🙂

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