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how do i look into speeding up cider-debugger? stepping through operations that have to do with data structures with thousands of items is taking seconds and seconds


I'm not sure, but that slowness could be from the debugger trying to print the structure, not from the evaluation being slower


You could try to work around that by manually placing #dbg tags that don't target those big structures instead of compiling the whole function in debug mode.


Or you can go past them with h, however that is not always reliable from my experience.


You can always limit the print length in the configuration and that will probably speed up things. Using the inspector from the debugger might be another option that can help.


Which configuration option would that be? I opened an issue about a similar thing a few days ago, the debugger trying to fully realize intermediate sequences


thanks alexyakushev--i forgot about #dbg! that will help. bozhidar: i wonder if i'm experiencing something related to what yuhan is. just now i set my print-length to 1, and debugging is just as slow. yuhan: thanks. i thumbs-upped your issue; i can reproduce it.

Robert Nikander15:04:42

M-x fill-paragraph in a function docstring seems to ignore the fill-column variable. Anyone know how to choose the width of your comment text?