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Looking for Russian speaking Senior Clojure Software developer with experience in Kotlin and Java. Salary: €4000 — €6000, remote company: Axell Solutions Our projects - 90% Clojure, 10% Java/Kotlin contact me for details on telegram @recruiteriia

Anirudh T14:04:53

Hi guys, Looking for Roku App Developers and Sonos App Developers. Interested freelancers can drop in an email to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>


Is this related to Clojure in any way?

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eccentric J17:04:59

Hello. At VenueBook we’re looking for a senior engineer to help with our Python + Django Backend with the intention of breaking our monolith into smaller Clojure services this year. Please let me know if you are interested 🙂

Shantanu Kumar04:04:16

Hi. Is this remote job tied to any timezone or country?


@U8WFYMFRU yes timezone info would be great

eccentric J14:04:22

We are based in New York, USA which is on Eastern Standard Time. We’re not tied to a timezone but we would prefer some overlap so that we can have remote meetings at the start or end of a day for stand ups or checkins.


Hey, are you open to working with a dev agency/software development shop, mate? @U8WFYMFRU

eccentric J15:04:42

Not at this time. Trying to hire one person then scale up from there for now.