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@weavejester: Any idea on what the best way to write a multi-tennant app with duct modules/profiles is? Essentially I’d like to have profiles merged in an order like this [base-profile base-customer-config customer-env ?optional-local-overrides] Where customer-env is a customer specific profile for :dev, :staging, :production etc… I think this differs from the normal duct setup because customer-env wants to be swapped dynamically depending on customer… i.e. if I start the system with customer=tesco at a repl it would merge :app.profile.tesco/dev. I’m thinking I’m best just tweaking the logic in dev.clj and main.clj to do this according to whatever convention I choose by controlling this in clojure.


as modules don’t get to see the outermost config map


ok it looks like I might have a pretty clean and simple solution