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Gotcha, I’ve been able to get those to work but would prefer to use cljfmt for ci purposes. Is there a way to get that to work or is it incompatible with clojure-mode?


I thought the cljfmt readme had claimed emacs support for years even if it has, that doesn't mean it's easy to setup 🙂


doesn't cider indentation metadata do more than cljfmt? I'm pretty sure it does.


Thats what seemed to be implied by the docs. Not all of my team uses emacs so using cljfmt would be nice as a source of truth since it has support for vim and could be used in CI.


Actually as a side-note, have you been able to get cider indentation metadata to work @dominicm? Just tried that as well and it likes clojure-mode is overriding that.


I don't use cider


Anyone know an easy way to hook in a function to process repl results before displaying them, when evaluating with e.g. cider-eval-defun-at-point? (I want to walk all seqable results and truncate large strings)


Don't have that, but the unrepl folks have that feature built-in their repl. Try to ask in #unrepl