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It takes 4secs with Cheshire to stream a 100Mb data from memory into JSON file on my Macbook Pro with SSD, without any web libraries involved. You can carve out it to sub-second with using Jackson directly or a direct clojure-wrapper like Jsonista.


Playing a bit with Yada. Was adding a route [“assets/” assets] which is a new-classpath-resource. But if the url within /assets/ is not found the next route is not used (my custom 404) But the internal Yada 404. So now I wonder, can I get the routing mechanism to continue if it don’t find anything within asset/ or how do I alter the default 404 page?


See status responses section in the manual


Welcome to yada btw. @kardan


I struggle to understand how to use status responses with new-classpath-resource - I have to be missing something. Anyone know of an example to look at?


Ah. Good point. Copy and paste new-classpath-resource to your own codebase and tweak it


Better still, provide a backstop yada resource and place it after the new-classpath-resource


Use a bidi pattern of true to match everything at the end of your route structure