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@richiardiandrea true, good thing to note


@richiardiandrea yea, definitely faster to run some optimized js out of the box, but for me avoiding a long compile step and node.js version fracture is preferable


No there is not an official nodejs compiler, instead clojure can generate clojurescript code that includes the compiler in the resulting javascript. This is what they call ‘self-hosted’ or ‘bootstrapped’ and basically the clojurescript compiler is available to all javascript targets as a essentially a library


That code can be run with node.js. But it can also run on other js platforms like Rhino, JavascriptCore (MacOS), browsers


It’s all very inception


Yea, up is a bit of an unconventional use for lambda. Traditionally the lambda idea was to have a small function that exits after the first request, but up instead opts to leave a server running inside the lambda vm for its lifecycle


its a bit counter-intuitive but it works pretty well


So up does NOT kill the HTTP server after a 200, it leaves it running until lambda kills that vm and/or starts another instance


that means that every so ofter there’s a slower request which is triggering a ‘cold boot’, but subsequent requests would hit the already running server


As far as non gateway services, up is designed for web services, there are some other tools for worker style lambda routines


ya, but that requires a dependency on Java -- I don't want to take that dependency -- so I'm using lumo to fulfill that dependency instead

johnjelinek16:12:49 I made a hello world of using lumo + up to ship a CLJS web app to AWS lambda


Any interest in ? I could add more to it if I thought it was going to be picked up.


@hlship in my Open source time I am not working on the lumo watch thing. So no time for me now...I think you can always add more, I like the approach personally, let's just ask @anmonteiro if he likes it too :)