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@grzm those are values I'm seeing, yes.


@tanzoniteblack that's exactly my confusion. Weird, right? To me this looks like it's coming from line 343 of cider-util


Because all the numbers we're seeing are triples of 4 hex characters


And line 343 formats each component of an RGB color (so, 3) into a 4-hex-character string based on the rounded scale. That seems wrong to me.


nvm the four digits are because it goes to 65535. I think it's broken further up.


Does anyone know how to get emacs to respect cider indentation metadata? Would like to share formatting options across the team and it would be nice to have emacs editor support. As far as I can tell cider-format-buffer dispatches to cljfmt, but even when I set up cljfmt in the project, cider doesn’t seem to do anything when I try to format using that command. When I run lein cljfmt fix it identifies the formatting errors correctly.