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Anyone noticed that jump-to-source doesn't work when developing inside a docker container?


Wondering how I can debug that


Stepped through with edebug, the problem is that the source file is mounted to a different filepath inside the docker container, which doesn't exist on the host where emacs is running


Maybe I could solve that with some custom advice to translate filepaths that look like docker container paths to the normal host path


I’ve run into the same issue when using tramp to connect to a remote server, that even when I have cider installed on the remote server, I can’t use it to do jump to source, for the same reasons of the file path not including the necessary information for emacs to know it’s on a remote server


I’ve never found a solution for that either, just commiserating 🙂


is it possible (or even sensical) to duplicate stdout from *cider-repl ...* such that the stdout also continues logging to the process's stdout?