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Has someone used Untangled on re-natal(cljs-react-native) ? @tony.kay please expand Untangled to react-native field.


@tony.kay Any change that in the new updates there will be a clojure implementation for merge-alternate-union-elements! ?


trying to generate the app-state on the server.


any reason why: (implements? uc/InitialAppState ui/Root) is true and `(satisfies? uc/InitialAppState ui/Root) ` is false ?


@tony.kay trying to update an app to use the new untangled repository, but something is odd, I'm just trying to render a very simple compoennt, but nothing happens on mount, I can log before and after the mount call, also a log inside started-callback is also logging, but the UI is never updated (keep seeing Loading...), there is any new thing that I might be missing to change?


humm, weird, if my Root component has a query, the first render doesn't work, but does render on a second render (in case I update some file)


but removing the query makes it render on the first load


getting even more weird, if my query has only [:ui/react-key] the load doesn't work, but if I add other key that contains a value defined on initial-state it works, but using other keys dont