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I noticed undo is not disabled in the test report and error buffers and I’m getting undo limit warning for those buffers over time. Is this intentional or should we fix it?


can't imagine that's intentional


are those not read-only anyways?


They are but I think all the programatic insert calls in the different render-* functions end up in the undo-list regardless


i’m having trouble with my clojurescript repl, and was wondering if this was the place to get help. when i enter a certain kind of syntax error, i can’t do anything else in the cljs repl. it says “eval timed out! no stacktrace available.” i have to restart the cljs-repl.


I think I'm noticing some new behavior, not sure when it started.


I'm having to manually turn on eldoc-mode in existing .clj buffers after the repl has connected, I thought this used to be automatic?


Adding a clojure-mode-hook for eldoc-mode works for new buffers but not existing ones.


If I run 'eldoc-mode' manually before the repl has connected in a clj buffer, I get the minibuffer message 'There is no ElDoc support in this buffer'


If anyone has thoughts on how to dynamically translate filepaths in cider (to map from docker container paths to host system paths), I'd love to hear them. My initial investigation has me thinking about creating advice around the cider-var-info function -- is this a bad idea?


@pandeiro if your project is running inside docker I think what you want to do is use tramp to open a file with ssh inside the container and from then on cider will do the right thing


@jfntn hmm, that's one idea. The container however isn't running an SSH daemon and I don't really want to add that.


Also the files inside the docker container are volume mounts from the host system, so they could be accessed directly