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I'm working on an open-source project that uses an old version of Clojure that breaks some of the plugins in my user profile. Is there a way to automatically exclude those plugins based on the Clojure version?


(Specifically I'm using Ultra ( while poking at some Ring ( behavior. Ring specifies Clojure 1.5.1 and Ultra doesn't currently support anything below 1.6)


I’m running a lein task and I’m getting an exception. In order to debug the issue, I’d like to trace back the exception to the source, but at a certain point, I don’t see any more stack frames and instead see “... 46 more”. Is this something that can be configured in lein so I can print out the entire trace?


Alternately, is there a way to run any lein command on the REPL, so I could interactively inspect the trace?


@j-po ring has a default dependency of Clojure 1.5.1, however ring supports Clojure 1.5.1 through to 1.8.0


If you look at the ring source, it shows the use of Leiningen profiles to support different versions, this may be a relevant starting point for you


More examples can be found in the Leiningen sample.project.clj file


Oh, so it does! Thanks! If I were working on something that genuinely didn't support a version of Clojure compatible with a plugin, would there be a way to conditionally disable the plugin in my profiles.clj?