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@kingoftheknoll: you eval'd the last sexp, which was not (add2 2) but add2, so it returned the closure which takes a param and tries to add 2 to it.


Indeed. Try evaluating add2 on the repl. You'll see the same thing.


@dpsutton: and @malabarba ah I see it now. My cursor wasn’t at the end of the expression.


@akiva: not "requiring", just suggesting it as a "standard" — makes life easier when remote pairing if the Emacs setup is similar.


(no requirement to use Emacs either — it’s just a good "standard" tool in our opinion; we used both LightTable and Emacs for a while but the devs preferred Emacs)


Right on. I was just curious. I’m clearly a huge Spacemacs proponent and I have my config there pretty much locked up tight. I can’t imagine going into a job having to learn Emacs’ default chords.


@kingoftheknoll: It’s worth noting that C-M-x will eval the top-level form, as opposed to C-x C-e which will eval the previous form.


@akiva: I tried Spacemacs but just couldn't get on with it. Probably because I'd first used Emacs back in the 17.x days and so the "standard" Emacs keys seem normal -- even tho' I took a 20 year break between early releases of 19.x and early releases of 24.x 😸


@seancorfield, I’ve been a vi/vim user since the dawn of time so Spacemacs was a natural draw for me. It was a bit of a bear early on but it’s really stable and good now. And you can use it with traditional Emacs keybindings.