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I still go back and forth between Emacs and Vim


I haven't yet tried vim-fireplace... will try to learn the language itself more first


[whispering] Spacemacs.


I feel like I’ve opened quite the can of worms here. Thanks for all the recommendations!


@shaun-mahood, there’s no real right answer here. Everyone naturally gravitates toward the tool that fits their hands the best and sometimes that tool changes over time.


@shaun-mahood: Just to add another voice on the curated packages... At World Singles, we initially standardized on Emacs Live for the team but we found the customized "pack" approach a little restricting and the pace of maintenance slowed down for a long time (it's picked up again recently). So we switched to Prelude instead and we really like that. It feels more Emacs-y and it is easy to keep all the (standard!) packages updated. It also has the benefit of being maintained by one of the CIDER team so it tends to stay very close to the leading edge in terms of releases and features.


@seancorfield: when I first looked at prelude it seemed pretty daunting - how is it for beginners?


@shaun-mahood: also if I can add one more thing, all if the emacs packages are daunting, there is no way out imho. Prelude might be a good choice for beginners because well maintained, however Emacs Live has several packages for several other languages backed in (cool if you are doing html/json/ruby/Erlang/whatever) yeah...well...again not a conclusive answer I know..


@shaun-mahood: I don't know that it's any more or less daunting than just using Emacs in the first place -- but the Prelude documentation seems good (all those key bindings). Re: other languages -- Prelude has a good long list of language packages easily selectable.


For me, not having to put together and maintain my own personal Emacs configuration from scratch is the big win with both Emacs Live and Prelude. That's what makes them both "beginner friendly" to some extent.


@seancorfield, you’re requiring devs to use Emacs Prelude?