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I was a vim user before I learned clojure. I picked up Emacs while learning clojure. Decided to use vanilla Emacs and configure as needed (much the same way I learned vim back in the 90s). I didn’t really miss the vim keybindings, so never installed evil-mode. When I use vim these days, I keep defaulting to the Emacs keybindings. But it doesn’t take that long to switch context after the first couple mistakes.


Heh, yeah, I work on a couple of servers occasionally that don't have Emacs so I have to use vim and I make that same mistake @roberto


yep, it is also the reason why I don’t modify my vim nor Emacs settings too much


if I need to work on a different machine, I won’t always have a customized setup. So I just make myself use the vanilla vims and Emacs. I use to pimp my vim settings a lot when I was just starting. Don’t do that anymore.


@seancorfield: Cool to hear someone else doing that. I deleted like 40 MB worth of .emacs.d and replaced it with prelude and also got rid of zsh in favor of fish because it made it easier for junior folks to use my setup


previous interactions: 1. struggle with $editor 2. pair with me, compare my emacs setup to their default editor, compare my zsh setup to usually the crappy bash 3.2 that comes with OS X 3. “OMG EMACS/ZSH IS THE BEST” “well, uh, …” 4. massive disillusionment


now 1-3 is the same, 4. is replaced by slowly learning emacs and fish 🙂


@seancorfield: have you tried tramp?


@lvh, interesting. I’ve never heard of fish; I’ve been using zsh at maybe 1% of its power for decades now.


It’s pretty cool in that the default config is already 95% of what you want


The extra stuff I have is pretty exotic stuff like “ssh but with a smartcard” &c


Yeah. Just poking around with it before I get started coding today and seems most of the defaults seem sane to my regular, non-power usage. I think I might just throw it in all of my tmux windows and see how it goes or the day.


Antigen [1] makes Zsh customization pretty easy. Just e.g. antigen bundle zsh-users/zsh-autosuggestions and now you have fish-style autosuggestions. You don’t even have to start a new shell! You can see the package-related part of my .zshrc [2] is quite small and easy to manage. Plus, the only dependency is cloning the Antigen repo; everything else is downloaded automagically if necessary. [1]: [2]:


@malabarba: Only as part of Emacs’ process of connecting to REPL servers over SSH (Tramp).


@lvh: We just run the default bash here I think...


i would like to disable to cider behavior where it turns an entire block of code pink and moves your cursor when it detects a syntax error


@brian_mingus: M-x customize-group cider -> C-s error -> cider-error-highlight-face

Hide Cider Error Highlight Face:[sample]
   [ State ]: STANDARD.
   Face used to highlight compilation errors in Clojure buffers.
   [X] Underline: [Value Menu] On:
       Color: [Value Menu] Foreground Color
       Style: [Value Menu] Line
   [X] Inherit:
       [INS] [DEL] Face: (sample) font-lock-warning-face
   Show All Attributes


That wouldn’t disable moving your cursor. I don’t understand why jumping to the error is not desired behavior, though…?


i didn't ask it to move my cursor


anyways there is a setting for it


Cider Auto Jump To Error