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@marshall et al, is there any conceivable reason why d/tx-range would return txes outside of the given start and end when both are of type Date?


i'm busy working on an epic task to rebuild a database from the first transaction, and integrate a separate database into it as i go


i'm trying to find txes in Database Two that are between the current tx for Database One and the next tx for Database One. but, bizarrely, Database Two is giving me a tx from before the start


(seq (d/tx-range tx-log2
                 #inst "2012-12-20T12:32:38.900-00:00"
                 #inst "2012-12-20T12:32:41.244-00:00"))

  ({:id #uuid "...",
    [#datom[13194139534503 50 #inst "2012-12-20T12:14:12.391-00:00" 13194139534503 true]
    :t 1191,


given a ~3 second timespan, it gave me a tx from 18 minutes earlier 😞


seems like something is off with one particular transaction. seeks in other areas behave well. given the age of the transaction, it's possible that the tx in question would no longer be accepted by current version of Datomic.